To live is to dance, to dance is to live. (asmileforyou) wrote in gracefulflyers,
To live is to dance, to dance is to live.


.........I'm just posting things to rememer......

This stretch works best with a partner. Lay on your back and lift one leg up to your head. Breathe calmly and deeply throughout the entire exercise. Try to get it as far as you can. For 20 counts, have your partner push it further to your head and totally relax your muscles. Yes it hurts but flexibility requires some pain. Resist against the pushing for 20 counts. Then relax your muscles again and let your partner push for 20 counts. For 20 counts, resist the pushing. Then, try to hold your leg as far back as it can go without using your hands for 20 counts or as long as possible. You should be relying on your leg muscles. Then bring your leg to the side of your body and hold it there for 20 counts or as long as possible. Bring your leg down VERY SLOWLY and repeat with the other leg. This was taught to me by 2 girls from Korea who took a summer session at my studio. After doing this once, I went from being 6 inches off the floor to being flat on my left splits. This works so well!
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