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[30 Jul 2004|05:18pm]
1 ♥Dance what u feel ♥

[08 Jul 2004|03:36pm]
I'm sorry this community is kinda going down you guys.......Any Idea's on how to keep it up!? I dont want it to go down:(

Comment on ideas !PLEASE
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Leaving.. [08 Jul 2004|03:25pm]

This communtity is dead.. :( im gonna leave, maybe ill come back if things start going..


♥Dance what u feel ♥

New Member [05 Jul 2004|06:36pm]


My name is Chelsea, I love to dance.

Sum stuff about me:

Dancing since i was 6
On a competition dance team at my studio
Ive took Tap but didnt like it as much so i stopped that, So now i do lyrical,jazz,hip-hop,ballet,pointe.!! :-]
Im a freshman @ Rochester High, and im on the Varsity Dance team
Im 14 years old
I also play soccer, use to play for Vardar Soccer Club
Im very crazy ;)
Hah..basically thats all, any other questions feel free to ask :-]

♥Dance what u feel ♥

[23 Jun 2004|02:04pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Things to go to impress your teacher
Enjoy! ♥
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?¿?¿? [11 Jun 2004|11:28am]

Gosh people dont make many entries in this communtiy
♥Dance what u feel ♥

[07 Jun 2004|07:49pm]
So dance exam is looming, and do i know all the sections to 'Pulcinella'? NO!

Think i'll be ok on the correct alignment stuff and bits on injury etc. but how i'm gunna remember all the set work i don't know!
Really hope that i got an ok grade for the pratical side, that way it should help to pull my grade up if i suck in the written part.

oh wellz better go panic
♥Dance what u feel ♥

New Here!! :P [03 Jun 2004|02:20pm]

[ mood | calm ]

hey yall...i just join the community...ive been lookin for a good dance community, and i hope ive found it :P...ive been dancing for 9 years, but im only 13, so i have room for more experience...im in our town's drill team, and ive gotten Div. I on all my solos, and i recently got 5th place at our last national competition...i also just made our Jr. Officer team (we have 3 teams-elem., int., and Jr....the Jr.. team is hte only team w/ officers)...im excited to start off this dance season!!! anywayz, my favorite types of dance are hip hop, kick, and military...this year i think i might start taking ballet and pointe...do yall think 13 is too old to start when most pros started when they were like 3 or 4???

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revision [03 Jun 2004|08:03pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Today spent the whooole day at the library revising with the friends....had a very unhealthy lunch of KFC (groans...why?!) and then whilst two friends left for home to do more 'studying' of the sorts me & Holly returned to library to study some more.... became fairly bored, although a lil excitement was added when we shut the window...this wwoman came & opened it, so we shut it again, then this guy behind us opened it again...so we shut it etc... well ya know sounds sad but we did have laugh... wot do u expct in a libary eh?!

Concluded that if i dnt get a new b/f soon i am going to turn clinically inSANE! lol! Perhaps cuz lots of ppl around me are all loved up but neways it comes when you least expect it....apparently.... well guess wot guys i'm not expecting it so..... *looks questioningly*....hehe!


♥Dance what u feel ♥

[19 May 2004|04:49pm]
**Remember, not everyone's feet are made to look like Paloma's or Sylvie's, but with these exercises, you can strengthen and stretch so you can achieve YOUR best.
I am not guarenting anything, but these could help ya.
Also, I have dance.net links that members have posted that have wonderful info on feet, like taking care of them, anatomy, flat feet and how to work them, more exercises, about what you do if your feet hurt, etc. Have fun!


1. releves and eleves in each position (first, second, fifth, then on one foot, parallel, turned in) make sure to switch feet! and do them as slow as possible. and go to your fullest releve

2. rolling your arch with a tennis ball. stand while doing this one, and make sure your holding onto something. do these slowly!! and switch feet. do these parallel and w/ foot turned out

3. stand on a chair holding on to something. put the ball of your foot on the edge so ur heel is off the chair and do slow releves and eleves from that poistion.switch feet!

4. sit down and sit up nice and tall. bend your knees have a piece of cloth in front of your toes then pick up the cloth while scrunching your toes and release it slowly with each toe. (like using your hands to pick up he cloth)

5. write the alphabet with each foot.. first name with one foot and last with the other. switch! dont let your foot off the ground.

6.sit up back straight and knees bent. with foot pointed slowly move your legs out in front of you keeping your foot on the floor. hold this and try to push it a little. then repeat

7.stand flat on the floor with the weight over toeballs and heels. Then try to "lift" the middlepart of the foot. Scrunch your toes back towards the heels by lifting the arch, while gripping the floor with your toes. Will strenghten your feet and lift the arch. Remember to stretch after.

8.sitting on the floor w/ your legs bent in front of you lift all of your toes off the ground and from pinky toe to big toe roll through one at a time. This one is hard.oh! be sure to not let your foot come off the ground! Its kinda like playing the piano w/ your toes!:)

9.heh..this one may be helpful to some...but try massaging your feet. Massage them at the ball, in between your toes(heehee), on your arch, and on your achilles. If you do this before dancing, it feels REALLY good!

10.point your foot (arch part) and flex your toes, hold, then-point your toes(you almost have to scrunch them up) and flex your foot, hold.
repeat 30 times on each foot. it really stretches your instep-i guess you could do it with a theraband as well.
you have to have quite good coordination for it though!

11. Ankle circles- 20 clockwise and anti-clockwise

12.Rises in parallel (add more pressure)

13.Pick up marbles off the floor with your feet

14.when doing a tondue (whever, front, side, back) focus on not only pointing your foot, but actually pushing against the floor right before pointing, so rather than go directly from being flexed to pointed, you work your foot through releve

15.work at pointing your toes when doing all sorts of jumps, mostly just by practicing then jumps and getting used to the feel of having your feet completely pointed
♥Dance what u feel ♥

[18 May 2004|07:03am]

hi all. I have danced for about six years, mainly ballet/pointe....i love it and i am hoping to do it professionally after i get out of highschool if it works out, just thought i'd introduce myself, im 16 years old.
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...... [17 May 2004|04:17pm]
.........I'm just posting things to rememer......

This stretch works best with a partner. Lay on your back and lift one leg up to your head. Breathe calmly and deeply throughout the entire exercise. Try to get it as far as you can. For 20 counts, have your partner push it further to your head and totally relax your muscles. Yes it hurts but flexibility requires some pain. Resist against the pushing for 20 counts. Then relax your muscles again and let your partner push for 20 counts. For 20 counts, resist the pushing. Then, try to hold your leg as far back as it can go without using your hands for 20 counts or as long as possible. You should be relying on your leg muscles. Then bring your leg to the side of your body and hold it there for 20 counts or as long as possible. Bring your leg down VERY SLOWLY and repeat with the other leg. This was taught to me by 2 girls from Korea who took a summer session at my studio. After doing this once, I went from being 6 inches off the floor to being flat on my left splits. This works so well!
♥Dance what u feel ♥

[17 May 2004|02:13pm]
hey everyone! I'm the maintainer of this community!

I'm really excited about this community! Join please! We need some members! =)

On the Lj-cut theres some information I found for people new to pointe...check it out!

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