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To live is to dance, to dance is to live.

hey everyone! I'm the maintainer of this community!

I'm really excited about this community! Join please! We need some members! =)

On the Lj-cut theres some information I found for people new to pointe...check it out!

helpful tips(you probably already know all this but..just in case)

*ALWAYS wear tights when doing pointe. If you don't, then you can get blisters on the backs of your feet!

*Try out different kinds of toe pads and find the one that keeps your toes most comfortable! The types of toe pads include: lamb's wool, gel, cloth, and foam.

*Keep your toenails short. NEVER cut your toenails right before you dance though, because, out of experience, it HURTS! You should always cut your toenails at least the day before you have dance classes or performances.

*Different types of pointe shoes fit different types of feet better. So, don't just settle on one brand; try out different brands and find the one that fits your particular foot best.

*Break in your new pointe shoes! Good ways to do this include: using a hammer (very lightly), closing them in a doorway (slowly & carefully), banging them on the floor, bending them back and forth (slightly), walking around the house in demi, or going up on releve. But, be care not to break them in too much, or they could actually BREAK, which would make them useless! If you are a beginner, have your teacher show you how to properly break them in before trying any of these techniques!

*If you get really bad blisters on your toes while dancing en pointe, try wrapping your individual toes in toe or surgical tape. To buy toe tape (very inexpensive) go to your local dancewear store.
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