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Things to go to impress your teacher
Enjoy! ♥

on entering the room, don't run, but don't go so slowly you look like the whole class is pointless. Just walk quickly to the barre and leave enough space for everyone to be able to kick their legs about without hurting anyone.
- If space is limited, remember to check that there is no other option (another barre for eg). Nothing is more infuriating than having your 'bit of barre' taken by an outsider: don't rush to steal a bit of barre from someone who is already aiming for that space, but be firm if you're already installed at the barre and someone steals your personal space.
- if a shoe or a T. shirt has been left near a barre, it's probably because that part of the barre has been 'reserved'. Move elsewhere.
- always arrive on time; if it's not possible on one occasion, wait until the exercise performed and corrections are all finished, go into class directly to the teacher, say in a few words why you're late and apologise. Go to the barre and quickly warm up until you reach the exercise that is shown.
- don't chew gum, ever! You will not be able to breathe properly, and you could swallow it in a pirouette.
- if you have a belly button pierced, don't assume you'll have sympathy from the teacher if it suddenly get caught in your leo. Just bare the pain and smile!
- don't speak to others in class, especially if it's not relevant to what's taught in class
- if your teacher tells you to keep quiet, apologise and that's ALL! Long explanations on why you were telling your life story to the rest of the class is pointless and waste even more time!
- show your best side, and don't moan if you're placed at the back of the room or if you get a correction that you don't think you deserve (you're probably wrong anyway!)
- when the teacher shows a correction to another person, grab the chance to show her you can do it too. If you realise you can't, practice a few times until you feel more comfortable.
- if your teacher asks 'do you understand?', reply!! Don't say 'yes' if you don't mean to, but if it's yes, then say it! Don't stay there with a smile on your face or an interrogation mark towards the others. If you don't say it, the rest of the class is also probably going to stay mute.
- don't disturb the class, but if you haven't understood a concept or a series of steps, ask.
- raise your hand before asking a question.
- when asked to do the exercise to the other side, always turn towards the barre. Prepare before the music is on; also finish neatly staying for a few seconds in the finished position.
- never ever raise your eyes, sigh so loudly everyone hears or slouch at the barre between exercises. If you're tired, take a deep breath, drink a little water, relax and try to continue doing your best.
- always show you're willing to improve: that's done by doing the exercise in a controlled manner, not giving up in the middle of the exercise or by muttering to yourself that you 'just can't do it'
- when you do an exercise in the centre in turns, move towards the closest side of the room quickly, go to the back of the room only if the sides are free from dancers doing the exercise in the middle.
- when it's your turn to go, don't wait for others to do it; lead! You should know when to start moving on the music (on count 1 or 8,… ), so go! Otherwise, you'll all wait for the teacher to cue you (it may never come)
- if you make a mistake in the centre, it doesn't matter, but don't stay there arms along your body: quickly watch the others and step in where you left.
- if someone is new to the class and you're supposed to do an exercise 2 by 2, volunteer to be her/his partner; it's not easy being new! And your teacher likes when you make them feel welcome
- when the teacher asks 'who wants to go first?', again volunteer. You'll have to do it at some stage or another, so you might as well do it now and finish before everyone else.
- when dancing in a diagonal, don't wait in that diagonal, wait in a line at the back of the room, further away from the corner: the person going first will need all the space to start in the upper corner.
- if the teacher leaves the music running, don't automatically stop after one series of the combination. Do it as many time as the music plays, always finishing nicely, unless the teachers tells you where or when to stop.
- if you bump into someone, ignore them until the exercise is finished, THEN apologise.
- if something happens to your ribbon, your leo strap or anything that makes you stop in the middle of an exercise, move swiftly to the side of the room, making sure you don't bump into someone.
- at the end of the class, if you're asked to do a reverence, applause or say 'thank you', mean it! Do a nice reverence with a smile towards the teacher (or towards the mirror if she's not in front of you)
- whatever happened in class that you didn't like, forget about it and don't take it personally. Reflect on your mistakes and try to remember them for the next class (your teacher will NOT have forgotten the correction she gave). If you take it really badly and personally, go to see the teacher at the end of the class and ask if you can speak to her privately. If she refuses, arrange a meeting outside her teaching hours.
- show a good attitude outside ballet classes as well (it also starts in the changing rooms: don't shout, disturb the class in progress, make someone else upset or leave a ton of garbage on your chair)
- remember to be nice to others and they'll be nice back
- if you forget a piece of your uniform, borrow or wear something else, but go to see the teacher before the start of the class and say 'sorry I don't have my xyz today, but I forgot it at home, that's why I'm wearing my jazz tights instead'
- it's better to be slightly late than have hair all over your face. Better still, readjust your last pins as you walk into class; your teacher will notice you were in a hurry, and you don't need to apologise for the messy bun.
- wash your hands before entering the room, and leave your watch in your bag (if you HAVE to, take your bag with you in class and leave it in a corner, preferably where the teacher puts her own attire, not at the back where you're likely to stumble into during centre practice)
- if you HAVE to know the time during class, do it discretely, and don't respond to others asking 'what time is it?'
- if you need to leave before the end, tell the teacher at the beginning of class, and when the time comes, just raise your hand, say 'I'm sorry I have to leave now', and run outside (don't go in the middle of an exercise or corrections, obviously!)
- if you don't like the music or the step, tell yourself in your head 'it doesn't matter, it will only last 5 min maxi'. Don't voice your annoyance, ever!
- it's in those annoying exercises that you should show your best dancing.
- finally, smile more than you would normally think about it: it shows you like what you do!

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