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Today spent the whooole day at the library revising with the friends....had a very unhealthy lunch of KFC (groans...why?!) and then whilst two friends left for home to do more 'studying' of the sorts me & Holly returned to library to study some more.... became fairly bored, although a lil excitement was added when we shut the window...this wwoman came & opened it, so we shut it again, then this guy behind us opened it again...so we shut it etc... well ya know sounds sad but we did have laugh... wot do u expct in a libary eh?!

Concluded that if i dnt get a new b/f soon i am going to turn clinically inSANE! lol! Perhaps cuz lots of ppl around me are all loved up but neways it comes when you least expect it....apparently.... well guess wot guys i'm not expecting it so..... *looks questioningly*....hehe!

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